Friday, November 11, 2016

Low Fat Peach Pineapple Cream Cake

Whether you just had your gallbladder removed or you are looking for a low-fat, low calorie dessert, I promise you will not be disappointed! This recipe is EASY and only has 5 ingredients!!!

1 box angel food cake mix
1 can sliced peaches
1 small can crush pineapples
1 tub of fat free cool whip
In a medium sized bowl, empty your can of peaches, juice and all. Use a fork to mash up your peaches to reduce chunks. Add you angel food cake mix, stir until completely blended. Bake the cake according to the boxed instructions. You can use cake pans, glass pan, or an angel food cake pan. Watch your oven closely to avoid it bubbling over the top. I like to turn my heat down after a few minutes to prevent it from spilling over the sides of the pan.
Once the cake is done, take it out and allow it to cool completely. Get a glass pan and crumble your angel food cake in to the dish. Drain your pineapple, and measure out around 1/2 cup of the crushed pineapple. Pour the fruit over the crumbled cake and top with your cool whip. Refrigerate until you are ready to serve!

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