Monday, July 13, 2015

Baby Shower Games!

No one likes a boring baby shower! And some one the games can be the same boring games every year... so for the shower I just did I decided to change things up a bit. I have done this for a bridal shower and it was really fun! It's really easy too!

The basics of the game are to line up the bags spelling baby shower or the baby's name. In each bag there is something that begins with that letter you could find in the babies nursery or something a new mommy might need. There are many ways you can fill the bags. Here are a few examples!

B - Bottle, Bib, Binky, Blanket
A - aspirator, apple sauce, A&D
B - Bottle, Bib, Binky, Blanket
Y- Yellow rubber ducky, yarn

S - socks, slippers, shampoo
H - hat
O - onsie, oil
W - wipes
E - enfamil, ear dropper
R - rattle

Have fun!

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