Monday, July 13, 2015

Strawberries and Cream Pudding Cake

I have made a few versions of this dessert and  this one might be the best yet! It is a perfect light dessert for any event! I originally made the dessert for a baby shower with the pink and white. It would made for a great bridal shower treat as well! I promise this is a dessert you want to try!

1 small container of strawberries
8 oz cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup powder sugar
1 large container of whipped cream (or 2 small containers)
2 packs of cheese cake pudding and milk to prepare it with
1 box vanilla wafers
Strawberry pound cake (you can make your own cake or purchase it already made)

Ig you are going to make your own strawberry cake. Start with the cake so it can be completely cooled before assembling. Normally I like to make all my cakes from scratch. Since I was pressed for time I used a strawberries and cream pound cake that was already made at Kroger and it was PERFECT for the dessert and it saved me so much time!

After you have decided on your cake, prepare your pudding and set aside. 

In a medium bowl blend your cream cheese while slowly adding the powdered sugar. I like to add the powdered sugar in 3 parts to prevent it from flying up. Once the powdered sugar is mixed in, fold in half of the whipped cream an set aside (this will be referred to as the cream cheese layer)

Now we can start layering!

I cut up the strawberry cake and places a layer on the bottom and topped it with the cream cheese layer.

I then sliced up some strawberries and layered them on top of the cream cheese layer.

On top of that I laid down a layer of vanilla wafers and lined some up along the wall of the trifle dish.

I then poured the cheesecake pudding over the vanilla wafers.

On top of the pudding. I sliced up some more cake and layered over top. 

Take the remaining whipped cream and place over the take.

Finish the dessert with some sliced strawberries on top!

Place in refrigerator until ready to be served! Its pretty and taste amazing! Enjoy!

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