Monday, July 13, 2015

Mel and Tonys Babyshower

I have done many baby showers and bridal showers, but this might be my best one yet! My soon to be sister in law is having a baby girl in October so we threw her a shower. Two of her friends helped, and together we had a killer party! The food was great, the decorations were cute, and there were tons of presents! There are a few key things to consider when throwing a baby shower. I like to start with the decorations for the set the mood for the baby shower. I went to Burlington and bought different onsies on sale and strung them around the house. It was so cute! A new mommy can never have enough onsies either!

I also took some paper and made a cute little banner in the kitchen!

We had a few activities going on as well. In the dinning room we set up a diaper signing station where the guest could write a message for the mommy and daddy to be. We had some really funny messages and pictures!

For games we did the bag game that I love to do for baby showers and bridal showers!
You spell out a word (Baby Shower, the Babies name, etc) and in each bag is something to do with a new born baby or something you would find in a nursery starting with that letter. For example, in the B bag was a bib and S bag there were socks.

You can find out how to make your own bag game here!

We also did the Chocolate game where you melt a chocolate candy bar in a diaper and have guest small the "dirty" diaper and try to identify the chocolate!

For prizes we gave away these cute homemade cookie mixes!

One of the girls made cute popcorn for favors. She took some pink melted chocolate and drizzled it over the popcorn with little tags that say "someone is about to pop"

By the front door we also had a thumb print station and a onsie signing station. We took 2 different paints for thumb prints to make a tree to put in the babies room.

One of the girls painted this cute sign we put on the door. I found the circle papers at micheals on sale!

For our family members I made these precious tags for them to wear, They were a huge hit!

Here is the Mommy to be, Mel, in hers!

And one of our grandmas to be!

And of course me with my Auntie tag!

Now we cant forget the other most important part of a baby shower... THE FOOD!

And boy did we have some food! We decided to do something easy since we had about 20 ladies there and we made a taco bar. We had everything from shredded chicken, beef, beans and all the toppings.

I also made my stuffed mini sweet peppers (Click here for recipe) My bean salsa (click here for recipe) and guacamole from scratch !

On our side table we did a littler dessert bar.
We got some cupcakes, "it's a girl" Hershey kisses, strawberry pound cake and a trifle.

The trifle cake I made was AMAZING! The basics of the cake are similar to my cream cake trifles I make. This is an easy recipe to make. No baking required and is always a crowd favorite! (click here for the recipe)

We also had a little drink station with Margaronas and an alcohol free punch. Both were equally delicious!

Overall the baby shower was a huge success. Everyone had a blast and loved the decorations and food! I will certainly use some of  these party decorations and recipes again! Hope these can be used at your next shower! 


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