Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What to snack on while you are on the Atkins diet.

We have been on the Atkins diet for almost 2 months now. Not only have we lost weight we are feeling great and full of energy! I have shared a few of my favorite recipes on this blog but I wanted to share some snacks for those moments you are starving but don't want to cheat. Hope these help!

Sugar Free Jell-O. You can do the individual packs or make your own! These are ZERO carbs!

Meat Meat and more Meat! Bring Slices of meat to work with you or get a bag of your favorite pepperonis! You can also pair the meat with cheese! I ate a lot of cheese sticks in the beginning of the diet. Just be aware of your digestive system with consuming so much cheese. I recommend taking a Metamucil pill to help keep things moving smoothing.

Want ice cream? Guess what.... YOU CAN HAVE IT! They have low carb popsicle and fudge sicles! These sugar free popsicles are only 4 carbs and the fudgesicles only 9!

Another life saver on the low carb diet are pork rinds! They are 0 carbs and can be used to substitute so many things! Dip them in french onion dip or ranch dip!

I also like to have some tuna fish on hand to have if I' starving (use the sugar free relish for less carbs)

Be very careful about fruit. Some fruit is LOADED with carbs (like apples, grapes, and bananas) If you are dying for some fruit try to eat watermelon or strawberries. They still have a high carb count for the beginning of your diet but if you need a cheat try these instead.

Also great snacks are nuts and beef jerky!

When in doubt if its something you can have, check the carb count. If you need to cheat try to do so in moderation and with healthy carbs. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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