Thursday, August 27, 2015

DIY Coffee Mugs

Looking for a creative gift or a cute coffee mug to display on your counter? Make your own! It's easy, cheap, and more personable! You can find cute plain mugs at the dollar store. You can use sharpies or paint packers but I found designing with a paint marker is much easier and stays on better after its washed. With that paint markers you can wipe off your mistakes while designing too! Look how fun these are! 

First clean off your new mugs and let them dry. The take a look on Pinterest, etsy, or where ever else you pick your craftiness from and start designing! Let the mugs dry for about 8 hours before baking. (I usually design them at night and then bake them in the morning when I get up.) Place the cups in a cool oven. Once m the cups are arranged, turn the oven on to 375 F. Once the oven is preheated turn a timer on for 40 minutes. Once the time is up, turn the oven off and let the cups cool down inside the oven (from start to finish I usually leave them in the fore about 2-3 hours) once they are room temperature again you are ready for gifting! Have fun!

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