Friday, October 9, 2015

Engagement Photos

Back in July we took our engagement photos (it was a gift from one of our groomsmen!) We are not really the photogenic type so we wanted to try something a little different that was more unique and something more us. We love taking Johnny's motorcycle out for rides and it really is his prized possession so we thought, "let's take pictures of the motorcycle and just stand in the background" and surprisingly they turned out awesome! We did do a few of the typical engagement photos but these have such a cool feel. Our photographer used a vintage black and white camera for all the shots (we have a few colors ones from a cell phone too) I hope our pictures can inspire something cool for your pictures!

Pictures on a cool bridge we found.

Riding in corn fields

Me just being cute.

Hitch Hiker in color.

Hitch hiker B&W


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