Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Count Down Calendar!

How do you cram so many fun Halloween treats and traditions into a short 31 days?! Easy! You make an advent calendar! You can do the full 31 days like me or do the 13 days of Halloween count down. Either way you can get tons of fun Halloween things done! I made calendars for 4 of my girl friends and each day we have been doing each task and sending pictures to each other. It's really been quite fun! I thought I could share with you some of the ideas I had for my calendar and how they are playing out! Enjoy!

Day 1 : Make a Black & Blue
Black and Blue's are one of my favorite drinks to make! They look so cool and are surprisingly delicious!

Day 2: Drink Pumpkin Beer or Pumpkin Ale

Day 3: Eat Halloween Cereal

Day 4: Pumpkin Coffee

Day 5: Make a Halloween Wreath

Day 6: Make your own candy!
You can make any candy ! For the girls I included a recipe I found for Reese's just incase they didn't have a recipe already in mind. So delicious!

Day 7: Watch The Little Vampire
One of my favorite movies!

Day 8: Decorate the outside of your house!

Day 9: Make a Halloween Cocktail.
Black Widow sounds yummy!

Day 10: Decorate the inside of your house or office!

Day 11: Make Pumpkin Bread


Day 12: Make a Candy Corn Dessert
I included a recipe for candy corn cookies.

Day 13: Watch your favorite Halloween movie.

Day 14: Drink Apple Cider.
I made these AWESOME apple cider drinks!

Day 15: Make candy apples

Day 16: Go to a corn maze or hayride (We have a haunted hayride here!)

Day 17: Make haunted graham cracker houses.

Day 18: Make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast

Day 19: Get Halloween Nails
These are my favorite ones to get. Simple but cute spider nails!

Day 20: Watch Hocus Pocus

Day 21: Make a Halloween themed Appetizer.
( I included a recipe for mummy appetizers)
Day 22: Send out Halloween cards.
I like to make my cards. Click here for Halloween card ideas.

Day 23: Make a pumpkin pie

Day 24: Make Halloween cupcakes.
I made these really cute and easy ghost cupcakes.

Day 25: Carve pumpkins!

Day 26: Wish Johnny a Happy Birthday!
October 26th is my husbands birthday so I snuck in there
to all the girls to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Day 27: Make a Halloween Costume!
I worked in a Halloween store for 5 years and
some of the best costumes are the ones that are homemade!
Put your thinking cap on and make up something different!

Day 28: Make Halloween Bark

Day 29: Buy Halloween candy for your trick-or-treaters

Day 30: Make spooky gingerbread cookies
My favorite are the vampire cookies!

Day 31: Happy Halloween!
If you are throwing a Halloween Party you can put it on the last day!
Some times it is hard to catch up and do everything each day so you can always make it a weekly goal were you get everything done by the end of the week. Hope you have fun! Happy Halloween!


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