Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to clean that DIRTY oven

I am almost too embarrassed to post this because the before picture is so bad. It should almost be against the law how dirty the oven was. My fiance has lived in the house for a few years before me with his mom. His mom moved out about 5 years ago and that is probably the last time the oven has been clean. I always wipe down the front and tops but I've never gone inside and cleaned. And let me tell you, it was horrifying how dirty it was inside. I never really did chores growing up so through my young adult life I am learning the tricks and trade of maintaining a clean home (Its surprising that I don't know all of these tricks since my mom always had one of the cleanest houses. I mean the woman cleans her floors almost everyday!). So here it is, the big before and after....

How did I turn this monster of a mess... 

Into this brand new oven?

Easy! With just these 2 products!

The Easy-Off is a magic worker!! It can be a little potent so you may need to wear a mask and gloves ( I did not but maybe a mask next time would be helpful)

First brush off any loose burnt material that you can. You can use this cleaner in a warm oven or a cool oven. I chose to use the cool over option. All you do is spray the inside and door and close it. You can leave it for 20 minutes or longer. Considering the oven hasn't been cleaned in 5 years I decide to wait longer. I let it soak for about an hour. Once the time was up, I used a scrub brush to scrub any extra gunk away. After I wiped it all down, there were a few more spots I felt needed attention so I sprayed those few spots and let it sit again for about an hour and VOILA!!! It looks like a brand new oven!!

I decided to pull the oven out and look at the sides. I was horrified how much stuff had dripped down the sides of the oven  over the years.

For the sides I took some dawn and a scrub brush and then finished it off the with Clorox wipes. (and yes I wiped the floor down too. Gross!)

Johnny is out of town for work and I bet he wont even recognize this new oven!!!

Hope these cleaning tips can help you save a few bucks on making your oven look brand new!!

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