Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nurse Party!

Recently one of my best friends graduated from Nursing school so it was necessary for us to throw her a fun Nursing themed party! We looked at a few things on line and came up with a few ideas of our own but overall it was a huge hit! So I would like to share with you some of the cute ideas we had for any future nurse graduates!

For the food we had lots of fun names picked out to match the "nursing" theme. We certainly saw some fun gross things we could have done with the food but for the most part we kept it light and fun!

On the table we had ....

Red velvet cake pop "Eye Poppers". Every time I make cake pops they are a huge hit! They are moist and full of flavor all made from scratch. Click here for basic cake pop recipe. 

Deadly Oreo Cupcakes. The only thing deadly about these are the consequences on your waist band! So delicious! Click here for the recipe.

Fertillized eggs! (Bacon and Jalapeno Deviled eggs) Click here for the recipe. 

Broken Elbow Salad! her nephew made this macaroni salad. Very yummy!

Bandaged toes! We used the BBQ pigs N a Blanket recipe which is far better than the original! 

Red Cross Trifle which was the hit of the night. I used the Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding recipe (found here) It was gone with in a matter of minutes! 

Black Eye Dip. This is the corn salsa I make for almost every occasion. You can find the recipe here

Sinus Infection Dip. As nasty as it may sound it was delicious. Find the fresh guacamole recipe here!

Scrub in Sweet Peppers! I made these stuffed sweet peppers for a few bridal showers! Always a big hit! Find the recipe here.

Her sister made fried Zucchini which we called crusty zucchini scabs! So yummy!

On a side table we had a pot of crock pot meat balls.
Vasectomy Specimen!

For the utensils we had them in jars labeled "Sterile utensils".

On the back of the food table we also had jars filled with candies.

Kisses for you Boo Boo.

Marshmallows for Cotton Balls. 

Wafers for Tongue Depressors. 

And Twizzlers for clogged arteries.

The drinks were where we had the most fun! We took 3 drink dispensers and filled them up with different concoctions. 

To the left we had a dragon berry punch labeled "O Positive", in the center we had a killer lemonade punch that was labeled "Urine Sample" and to the right we had some water labeled "IV Fluids"

Along with our drinks Paige made tons of Jell-O Shots!

We had some in medicine cups labeled morning medicine.

And some "Flu Shots" Jell-O shots.

Along with our Bio Hazard bowl for already loved syringes. 

For decorations we took a skeleton that Paige had from class and scattered them around the area. 

We also bought prescription bottles off amazon and drilled holes in them for Christmas lights. They turned out awesome!

We also put a basket by the door for cards with a cute sign.

She had a blast dressed in her red and white! Congrats again!

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