Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunburn Relief

After a look weekend outside I got my first burn of the summer and boy was it bad. It was one of  those dark sunburns that almost look purple and just take all of  your energy from you. I wanted to avoid peeling so after doing some research I found a few tricks. The biggest trick was using apple cider vinegar! Surprisingly this helps absorb some of the pain and reduce the redness. I also wanted to keep my skin from peeling so I slathered on coconut oil. After drowning my self in apple cider (which, yes you will smell like feet after) and generously applying coconut oil I laid down and went to sleep. After 1 night the different is crazy! I am certainly still a little burnt but almost with no pain!

Since the initial day I applied coconut oil and lotion vigorously to avoid peeling. It has been 2 weeks since the burn and no peeling! I will sue this every time I get too much sun!

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