Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Patriotic Jell-O Shots

So for Memorial Day weekend I wanted to do something festive! along with an AMAZING strawberry cheesecake pudding dish I made, we did these really cute red, white, and blue jell-o shots and holy cow were they good! And strong!

boiling water
1 pkg (3 oz) Jell-o Berry Blue Gelatin
6 oz blue berry vodka
1 pkg (3 oz) Jell-o Cherry Flavor Gelatin
6 oz Cherry vodka
1 pack unflavored gelatin
3 oz sweetened condensed milk
2 1/2 oz raspberry or strawberry vodka (we went strong and used 6 oz again)

Heat 6 ounces of water to boiling. Pour boiling water into a bowl with blue jello and whisk until dissolved. Mix in blueberry vodka. Pour the blue mixture into the bottom of your jello shot cups. Let firm completely.

When the blue layer is set. Get ready to prepare the white layer. Boil 5 oz of water. Mix boiling water into 3 oz of sweetened condensed milk. Whisk in strawberry or raspberry vodka. Pour white mix over firm blueberry layer. Let white layer cool completely.

When the white layer is firm begin the final layer. Heat 6 oz of water to boiling. When water is boiling whisk in cherry jell-o and cherry vodka. Pour the red layer over the firm white layer. If you desire, for a more festive look, garnish with a maraschino cherry. (Put the cherry in before the jello sets.) Let the red layer firm before serving. Keep refrigerated and enjoy!

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