Monday, March 30, 2015

Fun Bridal Shower Game!

So we have all been to the dreadful bridal shower where they serve chips, soda, and a game that bores you to tears. I went to my friend Shannon's baby shower recently and they played this really cute game that I had to steal for the bridal shower I was planning.

I went to the dollar store and got 12 brown bags and some tissue paper. I printed out the letters BRIDAL SHOWER and filled each bag with something that begins with that letter that the bride to bring on her honeymoon! Some letters were harder than others and we had to stretch but here is what we used!!

B - Brush
R- Razors
I- Ibuprofen
D- Drivers License
A-Aloe Vera
L- Lingerie

S- Sunscreen
H- Hair tie
O- Oil (massage oil)
W- Waterproof mascara
E- Earrings
R- Rum (she was going to St. Luca!)

There are tons of other things you could maybe do for the letters. Here a few girls guessed
B-Blush, Bra, Bathing suit
D- Deodorant
E- Eye cream, Earplugs
H- Hat, Head band
O- OFF! Bug spray

You can also spell out different words like the Bride to be name or last name or Wedding. You can also change it up and do different things you'll find at a wedding. You can be as creative as you want!

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