Monday, March 30, 2015

Sarah's Bridal Shower

After a month of planning the Bridal shower for the beautiful bride to be finally arrived! Me and the Jessicas had so much fun planning it and it turned out so cute! I mean look at all this food!

We did the Homemade Corn Salsa, Spinach Dip, Loris famous cheese ball, veggies, Bacon Jalapeno Eggs , BBQ Pigs in a blanket, brownies, cupcakes, crock pot meatballs,  and made our own cheese tray! We had about 11 guest and the food was the perfect amount. You don't want to do too much or you will break the bank and no one will eat it all. You also don't want to do too little, it will make the presentation look bare and guest will not want to eat if no one else is eating. I also like to use matching colors or colors that complement each other for dishes. It make the food more visually appealing and use different heights to present the food! It will make you look like you have more than you have! And look at these cupcakes Kristi made!! They were hands down the best part of the food so delicious!

Me and the Baker!

We also had some yummy drinks! I have never had a Mimosa bar before and It turned out so cute and was a huge success! 

And can't forget the Margaronas! Always a Party favorite!

For games we did some of the typical "How well do you know the bride" and "Bride or Groom" which were really fun! We also played a game that I adapted from a baby shower.

The bags all spelled out "Bridal Shower" and in each bag there was an item the bride would have to bring with her to their honey moon! Look how we filled the bags here!

Can't forget the gifts either! Whats the fun of playing the games with out a prize!! Every thing in the baskets were $1 and the baskets them selves were 50 cents each!

jessica made the favors that were just to die for they were so cute. They were little mason jars filled with pop corn and they said "Thanks for popping bye!" A cute inexpensive way to end the evening!

She even stamped cute little love birds on the tags!

We also bout some flowers from the dollar store and sale flowers from Michaels and flower bombed the party! They are a cheap and easy way to add some festive decor and can be reused! I used these for Kristis baby shower! 

Our bride had so much fun and so did our guest! Hopefully some of these little hacks can help you plan a great bridal shower as well!!

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