Thursday, March 12, 2015

The yummy way to healthy!

So we have all been on one of those diets where you are starving and despite all your efforts you don't lose the weight so we give up. Well on my journey to fitness I will share with you any recipes or ideas that I come across that have really made the experience more enjoyable for me! Lets start with a salad! Anyone can make a salad but will it be a healthy salad and will it be delicious and filling? I was inspired by the Panera Bread Spinach power bowl to make my own and oh boy was it worth it because this is so yummy! And good for you!

So I just honestly did a basic salad but its packed with so much yummy goodness. The base of the salad is spinach. I also had a spring mix of lettuce that I used as well. Spinach is such a great vegetable to incorporate into your diet, its full of many nutrients and vitamins.  I chopped up some tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions and tossed them in. I also chopped up some cilantro which helps give it a nice zing flavor. Its so delicious! You can swap our a few of the vegetable or add others that you really love!

1 cup spinach
1/2 cup lettuce mix
Sliced cucumbers
Sliced tomatoes
1-2 tsp chopped fresh cilantro
Sliced red onion
2 tbsp hummus (I use roasted red pepper)
1/4 lemon
salt and pepper
1/4 boneless skinless chicken breast

First brown your chicken. I like to sprinkle mine with salt and pepper and throw it into the oven. You can also brown it on the stove but avoid using a lot of oil. I usually prepare my chicken in bulk for salads for the week so I like to use about 2-3 breast and cut them up and store them.
Chop up your onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cilantro.
Layer the spinach and salad mix into your bowl and top with veggies and chicken. Take the lemon and squeeze the juice over the salad (I usually will cut the lemon in half and will use 1 half for 2 salads). Than put a small amount of hummus on the salad. Mix up and enjoy!! Its so yummy and filling and good for you! A lot of salad dressings are full of sugars and saturated fats. The lemon juice and hummus is a better alternative. Happy eating!

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