Monday, March 30, 2015


I make this drink anytime I have a party or a gathering and its a huge hit! Everyone from men, women, people who like to drink, and people who drink sparingly all love this! It is a strong drink but the citrus covers it up so well you cant tell!!

For this Big Jar I did 4 times the recipe but depending on how many guest you have you can always double or in my case use 4 times the amount! Here is the recipe for a small pitcher!

1 can of limeade (In the frozen juice section)
3 cans of water (use the limeade can)
9 oz of tequila
6 oz of triple sec
1 bottle of Corona

Mix together and enjoy!

For the big jug I kind of estimate and taste test. I usually use silver tequila and use about 2-2.5 cups of that. 1.5 cups of triple sec (I use the cheapest brand usually) 4 cans of limeade with their respected amounts of water and I get the mini coronas and use 5-6 of them (It depends on the crowd and the event how much booze I use) It is so  easy and you can make the night before so it is already ready the day of! You can also cut up lemons and limes for a more festive look!

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Suzanne Helvenston said...

Your Margarona's are the BEST!